The First Score

Sunday, July 16, 2017 @ 1 A.M. In sixteen or so hours I'll be in Tennessee working on a feature length film serving as 1st Assistant Director. Right now, I'm in post-production for my first length film The Sinful South which premieres in less than 10 days on my 21st birthday. 

This... This all started in a small bedroom behind four walls that seemed to be closing in on me everyday. I mean, shit, if you were to lay on the floor and spread your arms, you'd be touching every corner. Life, as it goes for most, was at a point where things were falling apart. I believe I was only thirteen years old. Yes, I was and am still young, and to this day peers around me say, "You got time. Take it easy. Slow down." Or my dad would call me a "grumpy old man". Not to discredit anybody or anyone but that's easy to say when you got more time behind you. But for us all, in reality, you only got today and hopefully tomorrow. Anyways, there I was with not much to claim an…

Super Indie Project: The Sinful South | Day 01

ONE DAY DOWN What am I getting myself into? The answer to that is quite simple. And only I and those like me can answer it. The reason, for us, for me, is because we have to. We've got to. And we asked for it.

My name's Silas James Rowland. I consider myself to be a film director, screenwriter, and over all American badass. No, I don't direct porn. No, I will never shoot porn. (Unless poncho's are supplied.) Even then, no, that's not what I do or what I am associated with in any way whatsoever. It's always the punch line when I establish that I make movies. "What kind of movies," they ask. Not those of course. That applies to the majority of filmmakers alike I can imagine. I'm not special. There's nothing that sets me aside from any of the others out there in the cold, frail world, attempting to make it in the film industry.

Looking for a break through, we aimlessly fight for a chance to be seen. There's millions of you's and me's.…

As Sara moaned with labor pains, I looked over to her and said, "Shut up. I'm trying to watch a movie."

Before I became a dad I directed movies. I still do. That's why they call me Big Daddy Director. Anyways, on a film set everyone is looking to you to lead the way; to have all the answers. 
Someone recently asked me this question, "Are you the daddy?" It was at that point, with no regret or hesitation, I turned away and booked it to the nearest exit. This wasn't a film set although the many different scenarios that played out in the hospital seemed like a scripted reality TV show. 
Truth be told I was the father. On March 6, 2017, I saw the greatest thing ever; LOGAN. Not to say it was the best movie ever, but Hugh Jackman really delivered for his final performance as The Wolverine. The worst part of the movie was when Sara, my wife, was going into labor in the next seat over. That may sound harsh, but part of me was hoping she'd give birth right there in the theater. For one, I'd get to finish the movie - and two, a filmmakers child being born in a theater i…