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Super Indie Project: The Sinful South | Day 01

ONE DAY DOWN What am I getting myself into? The answer to that is quite simple. And only I and those like me can answer it. The reason, for us, for me, is because we have to. We've got to. And we asked for it.

My name's Silas James Rowland. I consider myself to be a film director, screenwriter, and over all American badass. No, I don't direct porn. No, I will never shoot porn. (Unless poncho's are supplied.) Even then, no, that's not what I do or what I am associated with in any way whatsoever. It's always the punch line when I establish that I make movies. "What kind of movies," they ask. Not those of course. That applies to the majority of filmmakers alike I can imagine. I'm not special. There's nothing that sets me aside from any of the others out there in the cold, frail world, attempting to make it in the film industry.

Looking for a break through, we aimlessly fight for a chance to be seen. There's millions of you's and me's.…