It's 1977 - and Dudeman Pressley has just been robbed. With no weed or no money he's running out of time. With clients and friends as an only option, he tries to hustle it all back before his supplier George takes out the trash.

Written by Silas James Rowland
Produced by M. Canville Bennett & Robyn E. Anderton
Directed by Silas James Rowland & M. Canville Bennett
Cinematography by Jarod Philips 
Editing by Porter Blackman & Silas James Rowland
Make-up by Robyn E. Anderton 
Assistant to Producers Roman Visser & Lluvia Bermudez
Props Provided by Jeff Kielmeyer
Vehicles Provided by Rob Wishwart
Costumes Provided by Costume Curio

A group takes in a survivor after he claims to know of a place safe from the diseased. With everything falling apart, can they make it to the line? Or is it the end?

Written by Silas James Rowland
Produced by Silas James Rowland & Jessen Mahon
Directed by Silas James Rowland 
Editing by Silas James Rowland

THE Z LINE (2013)
Novi, a 17 year old boy wakes up to find his home town has been quarantined. With everyone around falling ill, and even dying, he becomes determined to cross The Line.


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