The First Score

Sunday, July 16, 2017 @ 1 A.M.
In sixteen or so hours I'll be in Tennessee working on a feature length film serving as 1st Assistant Director. Right now, I'm in post-production for my first length film The Sinful South which premieres in less than 10 days on my 21st birthday. 

This... This all started in a small bedroom behind four walls that seemed to be closing in on me everyday. I mean, shit, if you were to lay on the floor and spread your arms, you'd be touching every corner. Life, as it goes for most, was at a point where things were falling apart. I believe I was only thirteen years old. Yes, I was and am still young, and to this day peers around me say, "You got time. Take it easy. Slow down." Or my dad would call me a "grumpy old man". Not to discredit anybody or anyone but that's easy to say when you got more time behind you. But for us all, in reality, you only got today and hopefully tomorrow. Anyways, there I was with not much to claim and not much to do. Kids around me had the best phones, the best shoes, and the name brand clothes. I don't think I really knew what Red Lobster was until I met Sara. Damn, my Red Lobster was McDonald's - McCaviar.

My parents weren't always on their best behavior. Growing up I saw that they were and still are trying to find themselves. I hope one day that they do. I know they helped me find me. My brothers too. Sister. You guys did an amazing job and I hope I can do the same for Desmond. Dad, the philosopher, taught me how to think and process life. Mom, well, mom taught me how to kick ass and take names. Both educated me on faith and spirit. I love you both.

Now back to where it seemed like I had nothing. Others had things that comforted them and made them fit in. I didn't have that shit. Comfort, what the fuck is that? So what I turned to wasn't something that could be purchased. I turned to my mind. I found out that I could harvest those thoughts, those ideas, and turn them into something. Once I started doing that, I felt like I had a lot more. Those things I saw I wanted others to see. I decided to become a writer, a director, an editor, and a PA; whatever I could do. I don't wish to make the greatest films - hell this one might suck, but what I strive for is to accumulate knowledge through the perseverance of my dreams. I want to live. I don't want to be like the group on Segway's, the tourist, being dragged around and shown what's done been seen. No, I want to be an explorer, and carve my own path. See things from the perspective of the unknown. That's life to me. And that's the life I'm going to live.

Finally, here it is. The Sinful South. My debut feature film. ENJOY!


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